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Hi, my name is Art Matsui and I am the webmaster.

Newsflash!! Art's getting married! On January 15, 2002,  he asked Adele Sanoy to marry him and she accepted. The marriage will take place on June 15. To see a picture of the couple, from the Valentine's edition of Calgary Fast Forward magazine, click here.

I am retired from Nortel Networks in Calgary Alberta, and the internet was the center of our business. So when the Canadian government opened up the .ca namespace in November 2000, I thought I would try to register as my personal webspace. I registered the space, and found a cheap place to host it. (, $5cdn a month gives me 20 meg of webspace and control of the e-mail space.) If there are any Canadian Matsui's (or Matsui relatives) out there who would like to have a e-mail address or an alias pointing to their existing email address, email me. Next I thought what should I do with my page? Well I decided to make a place where Canadian Matsui's (and Matsui relatives)could exchange information, e-mail addresses, newsletters, etc. So send me some stuff to post. Of course this page is being constantly changed (I won't say Under Construction) so check out the site from time to time to see what was changed last.

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